Frequently Asked Questions

In Florida, if the parents are not married when the child is born, does the Father have any legal rights to the child?

No, not unless there is a final judgment of paternity entered and also a court order regarding parental responsibility. Until such order is entered, the mother has sole parental responsibility.

If a couple lived together for years and never married and then separate, does Florida law presume them to be married.

No, common law marriage as the term is known by, was made illegal in Florida in 1968. Florida does recognize common law marriage from other states.

Can a custodial parent close their case with the child support office?

It depends. If the payee is not receiving any public assistance for herself/himself and only the child or children are receiving benefits, then they are not required to cooperate with the child support office and they can ask to close their case.

What does the Court consider to determine whether to grant Alimony?

There are various factors considered before alimony is granted but the two main factors are 1-Your need for the financial assistance and 2-Their ability to pay alimony

What are the requirements to obtain a divorce in Florida?

One of the parties must be a resident of Florida at least six months prior to the filing of the petition for dissolution of marriage and the marriage must be irretrievably broken.