Child Custody and Timesharing

Child custody is frequently the most sensitive matter that arises during divorce or paternity proceedings. As a loving parent, your first priority is ensuring the best interests of your child are taken into consideration. If you are already in the process of dissolving your marriage or are involved in a paternity action, and you are thinking about asking for sole custody, self-representation is not always the best option. As an experienced Family Law attorney in Miami, I can help protect your interests and those of your child.

Child Custody

Through skillful representation, I work towards achieving positive outcomes for my clients and their children. Furthermore, to reduce the stress that my clients experience during this fragile time, I do everything I can to achieve these outcomes in a smooth, professional manner. If you reside in South Florida and you need an experienced Family Law attorney, contact the Law Office of Brenda Gitchev Guerrero today.

Let me help you through this difficult time. As your attorney, I will work towards resolving problems related to child custody and timesharing, always keeping the best interests of your children and you in mind.